Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Glory of the Garden - The Field Magazine

                                       Coral Guest
                                       Paeonia lactiflora 'A.Rousseau'
                                       watercolour on paper
                                       Study Work 
                                       Private Collection

The article The Glory of the Garden by Godfrey Barker, in the December edition of The Field magazine, is an insightful observation of the many layers pf purpose, technique, and methodology, that defines the work of contemporary botanical artists. My work is discussed several times, and insightful points are made about its place in this present Golden Age of Botanical Art, for example:

Few artists can match Coral Guest in overcoming the ugliness of greens - see her superb cheese plant watercolour from the Hinton Manor Orangery, Monstera deliciosa.

Coral Guest's portrait of Chilean bell flowers Lapageria, may be the most sheerly beautiful composition in botanical painting of our time. Guest deserves this accolade not just for the picture but for the effort put into painting it - a triumph of beauty and accuracy.