Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Tone of Colour

                                           Paeonia officinalis rubra plena
                                           graphite and carbon on paper
                                           artists collection

The tonal value of colour is perhaps the most subtle assessment required when observing a hue. The brightness, or light level of a colour is associated with light, dark, and an infinity of mid tones. As a young student I was tutored in tone for several months before receiving any education in colour mixing. Observing the tone of natural form objects in the studio, I began thereafter to look around and see the whole world as a system of tonal values. The reflection upon the surface of a cup of coffee, the perfect mid tone of the street pavements, the shimmer upon faces in the rush hour. Light, reflecting and refracting. Light, present or absent, giving form to colour. Light, bringing the message of three dimensional life.