Wednesday, August 05, 2015


        Walking on White, Iceland 2015
        Acrylic and gouache on chalk gesso
        20 x 12 cm

Most people who follow my work will know me as a painter of flowers. The main body of work that I have been involved in for many years involves more esoteric concerns, and although it sometimes embraces the flower motif, it is with a view to a greater meaning. Much work has been completed, as I worked in silence over many years, seeking and expressing profound meaning. The work has developed privately, sometimes finding the rare collector to support it. The energy was contained, as I sought to protect the work from superficial glamour, allowing it to grow on a deeper level. 

The focus of this work is upon drawing and various forms of painting that involve drawing with the brush as well as other mediums. It embodies my quest for a new discourse on the spirituality of drawing, and so the right to this had to be earned over many years of disciplined training and practice on other levels. I have now created a new website specifically for this work, bringing it out into the open to be seen. 

I have placed a large copyright notice on the home page, and this is to warn anyone who assumes they have the right to copy the text or the imagery, translate it into another language, and publish it as their own. I have of recent years had this problem with plagiarism, from this blog as well as my other flower painting website. If it were not for the kindness of strangers who speak other languages and who have informed me of this, it would have continued without my knowledge. 

Much of the recent work has come into completion after many months or years of experimenting with drawing methods and materials. Some works are very large, some very small. The site also shows a glimpse of what I did as a student, which was where it all began. 

There is intense mental energy placed into this work, but the appearance - in some of the landscape pieces in particular - is of less, with hardly anything there on the material levels. Its asking if you can 'read' it in other ways than are normally acceptable. I hope you enjoy the work, should you choose to view the site, and thank you for reading this post.