Saturday, July 15, 2017


The website has now closed.

The site held the same design since its inception in 2008, and this is far too long in design terms to maintain a contemporary appearance. I have been advised that five years is about right for a life time of a website design. This is a matter of opinion, but I do absolutely agree with this.

I have moved forward from this particular way of working with plant life, however, it does still hold an historical relevance.

Everything moves forward, and it is now time to reconstruct.

A brand new website for flower paintings and study works will return in due course.

This new site will hold selected imagery for those who want to study my botanical work.

This will become a sister site to the now active drawings website, which shows my current work.

The drawings site itself holds flower and petal drawings, which are outside the conventional Botanical Art genre. These works represent my ongoing commitment to the life and times of the natural world in natural light, and aim to explain levels of reality that go beyond the actual physical appearance of the mineral and plant kingdoms.

Thank you to all and everyone who visited the original website over the years, to all who purchased works of art, and to the many students and artists who have written to me about the tradition of precision and study work. The original images will be back to view, but in a brand new way. Watch this space.