Friday, February 23, 2018


Placed in natural daylight

Painted directly from life

Depicted life-size  

Through spontaneous inspiration

Its fast

Its magical

It is..... 

The SEED                                                

Many of you who know me will recognise the Study Works from a project on Seeds that began in 1993, which became a series of rapidly drawn and painted observational images. 

Visit the second half of the Study Work page at the brand new website and see these wonderful natural forms.

As more seeds come forward, from far away storage and into the bright natural light of the studio, the project is growing again and emerging from its rest. Watch this space for gradual and intermittent snippets of news, as we work in the silence of the studio.

Above:Seed Pods from Papua New Guineawatercolour on paper1993

View the new website and take a tour of the extraordinary paintings and drawings. Read all about it at the wonderful world of  CORALGUEST BOTANIC



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