Monday, March 05, 2018

The Fabulous Launch of the New Website

'The site features selected works representing Coral’s amazing 40-year career as a painter and draughtswoman'  ~ Tania Marien



This is a very huge thank you to everyone who has enabled the new website to be seen by so many people worldwide.

The response has exceeded all my expectations. After months of work, the magic came to a conclusion in a spectacular way that took original page views to over a 1,000 a day.

For myself, as a quiet and somewhat reclusive type of artist, this was a joyous and humbling experience. The key seems to have been in planning the launch with the aim of reaching the audience in tranches so that the initial momentum could maintain a wave.

The work on the site became a kind of pilgrimage to review aspects of a forty year career, to explain and piece together my ongoing mission to evolve the art of the New Flower Painting. I hope to add a little more to its ongoing history. The story in the bigger picture is not yet over, and what I cannot do the artists of the future will achieve.

Deepest thanks go to the existing and the new audience that the work now has, and, for the many messages of enthusiasm and good will - around 600 - that have been received. It has been a moving experience to read so many appreciative comments. Viewers have described the many moments of beauty they experienced from the site and how it has inspired them to look at more Flower Paintings, to practice the art themselves, and to spend more time in the company of Flowering Plants.

My gratitude goes to all the artists, and art lovers, who have shared the news of the site and their enthusiasm for it, on their media pages. Much appreciation goes to the goodwill and generous responses that have been received from the Collectors, Societies, and Institutes, who have Flower Paintings in their homes, archives and galleries.

Times are changing for websites and this example is no exception.  This  new botanic site is aimed at being a kind of online publication of a biographical timeline in words and pictures. It is a series of events in the life of one Flower Painter.

In recognition of this approach, writers and educators are now reviewing websites as something that stands up as a kind of monograph.

The first person to run with this idea with respect to my new botanic site, is the erudite, and most eloquent editor of Artplantaetoday in the USA, the award winning Tania Marien.

Tania has written a fabulous review of the new site. Deepest thanks go to Tania for bringing so many viewers and lovers of the plant kingdom, to the New Flower Painting.

If you would like to flag up the site or review it, please do contact me through the Information/Contact  page of the website, so we may point our readers in your direction.

Thank you again, to everyone who has participated with such generous and positive responses to the new site.