Saturday, December 22, 2018


To the Flower Painter, love is everything.

I have sought to bring its development into the 21st century through merging a deep personal interest in critical thinking with the practice of accomplished creative techniques and processes. By fusing these two aspects in the arena of popular culture, I hope to bring a new attitude to this ancient art, and contribute to what I see is a multi-dimensional awareness of plant life, based on who we are and where we are now.

From this point, my teaching work has always been focused not on replicating myself but on enabling the many interested people, far and wide, to develop their individual uniqueness to the work they love and the plant life they respect and adore.

Coral G Guest 2018

2018 Take Me Home Series - Narcissus 'Sky Rocket'
Rapid and Spontaneous Color Study from life
watercolour on paper
Coral Guest

The Study of natural form and its relationship to space has formed a life-long experimental inquiry through which I have sought to free the flower subject from the still life genre and place it at centre stage.

Coral G Guest 2018

The soft energy path of certain words has filtered through my thoughts over the years and never more so when at the beginning of 2018, I sought to write some worthwhile text for my new botanic website. The words were thought-through, with each one cherished as an acute and finely tuned explanation of my botanic work.

Inclined towards an inspirational context, these words are imbued with a measure of interested joy in descriptive introspection and the continuous agenda of critical thinking.

The phrases within each sentence, such as those which refer to placing the subject at centre stage are my individual way of supporting and revealing to my viewers, collectors and students, the manner in which I relate inclusively to plant life as a painter and draughtswoman.

My favourite created words used within my micro essays, long essays, website and blog descriptions over this past year are as follows:

As well as centre-stage, other phrases I have chosen as descriptive expressions of my work are seamless, multi-dimensional, old into new, and inclusive to name but a few. At times I endeavour to describe the work of other artists, whom I admire, in a similar or same language. 

These words are written from my lone and perhaps curious perspective. They embrace a way to describe and support the work flow as a conscious act of spontaneous creativity. 

Perhaps my favourite phrase of 2018 is glamour-free, which encapsulates a multitude of graces from the attitude of painting from life in a pure naturalistic northern light, and in the open field. In so doing it represents an attitude to the work that is focused upon representing the reality, which is absent of the need to glamorise through artificial lighting. This allows me both the freedom to present the work and my awareness as a living expression of the ordinary truth. I view this as being more than observation, rather it is a way of being. Natural light and plant life are to me inseparable.

Next year will reveal some of this year's work that has not yet been shown. By necessity this has needed to remain confidential until circumstances allow it to be released. This work champions the art of the commissioned piece of Fine Art, because it emphasises that long gone are the days when a commissioned work was thought of as inferior and secondary.

Commissioning and commissioned work in the big wide world of contemporary art has been taking its place centre stage in the bigger picture, through major and emerging art collections, for some time now.

For 2019, I am focusing on additional new phrases and phases, such as how collaboration can be a focused and seamless soft energy path that measures and magnifies creative co-operation
You perhaps have noticed that I also enjoy playing with alliteration in these descriptions.

What all of this actually means in practice, I hope to show more of the work itself, over the coming year.

In the meantime, this a very appreciative thank you to everyone who has written to me over this past year in their own words, to describe their much loved connections with the art of Flower Painting and its path into their every day life.

I am now gladly continuing to support those of you who have an individual quest to find your own unique way of writing about botanic work. Its been a gift to read your letters. Without exception, they all have been a beautiful measure of your personal and truthful endeavour and ingenuity. Like a spark, it lives within you and only needs your allowance.